Your first appointment with us

Your first consultation with Dr Sasha Mirkovic will only take around 30 minutes.

No referral is needed; however if your dentist or healthcare professional has recommended our services, please bring the referral along with you and any X-rays (OPG and TLC) they may have taken.

If you do not have any X-rays Dr Mirkovic may refer you to a local radiologist that bulk bills.

If the patient is under 18 we do require a parent, carer or guardian to be present to discuss treatment.

At this appointment, Dr Mirkovic will initially discuss with you your concerns, what it is you would like out of your treatment, answer any questions, then fully examine your teeth, smile, profile and facial balance. Dr Mirkovic will also take some orthodontic photos for our records.

Dr Mirkovic will discuss:

  • If you need orthodontic treatment
  • When it would be appropriate to start treatment
  • Your treatment options
  • Approximately how long treatment will go for
  • Treatment costs and payments plans

After this appointment we give you time to discuss all the options and if you have more questions or would like anything clarified we will arrange another short consult at no extra charge to discuss treatment with you further.

In most cases your next appointment will be to start treatment!

Download our New patient Medical History form here.