What are Braces?

Braces are used in to help align and straighten teeth, this helps develop a healthy, attractive smile and functional bite. Braces consist of bondable tubes, brackets and wires and remain on the teeth for the entire duration of treatment, which typically range from 12-24 months.

  • Our braces use elastics O-rings to hold the wire onto your braces.
    Have fun with your braces and choose brightly coloured O-rings, not only can you choose from colours called “Extreme Green” and “Screaming Pink” but you can also choose new ones each time you have your braces adjusted.
  • Self-Ligating braces.
    Advancements in technology now use a special clip or moveable gate to hold the wire in the bracket. Self-ligating braces or smart brackets help keep orthodontic appointments to a minimum.
  • Ceramic or clear aesthetic braces offer the same benefits as conventional braces but with the added bonus of being less noticeable. Unlike metal braces, the bands cemented around each tooth are virtually invisible.

Your Treatment Process

1. Your first visit / consultation

If the patient is under 18, we do require a parent, carer or guardian to be present to discuss treatment

Your first consultation with Dr Sasha Mirkovic will only take around 30 minutes.

No referral is needed; however, if your dentist or healthcare professional has recommended our services, please bring along the referral and any X-rays they requested form your local radiology clinic.

At this appointment Dr Mirkovic will discuss:

  • you your concerns
  • what it is you would like out of your treatment,
  • answer any questions

Dr Mirkovic will then fully examine your teeth, smile profile and facial balance. We will also take a series of intraoral photographs and refer you for any required x-rays, these x-rays will be bulk billed by your local radiology clinic.

Dr Mirkovic will then discuss your treatment needs:

  • If you need orthodontic treatment
  • When it would be appropriate to start treatment
  • Your treatment options
  • Approximately how long treatment will go for
  • Treatment costs and payments plans

After discussing and thinking about your treatment options if you have any more questions or would like anything clarified we can arrange a short consult at no extra charge to discuss treatment with you further.

2. Placement of the braces or “Band-up”

This visit takes approximately an hour where we will;

  • take some moulds of your teeth,
  • fit the braces
  • and provide you with detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain your braces and teeth.

There is no pain or discomfort at this appointment, Initially the braces will feel quite bulky to your lips and cheeks but soon enough you will adjust to this feeling.

Any discomfort from the braces is usually noticed 3-4 hours after this appointment and is generally a tenderness when you bite. You may need to take some painkillers and eat soft foods for a day or two, but this will pass relatively quickly. This tenderness is due to the fact your teeth are not used to having forces applied to them by the braces.

3. Adjustments approximately every 4-10 weeks

Braces usually need to be adjusted every 4-10 weeks. These adjustments vary in length, approximately 10-30 mins. These appointments ensure your treatment progresses as efficiently as possible.

At these appointments’ Dr Mirkovic may change your arch wires, your O-rings, place elastics and much more to ensure treatment is progressing correctly.

The addition of Elastics

Elastics are used during orthodontic treatment to help correct the bite. They engage both arches, connecting by a little hook from the upper arch to the lower arch. These may be worn 24 hours a day right down to six hours a day – it is all dependent on your specific orthodontic needs. Not all patients require elastics. But when needed they are very effective, easy to wear and in some cases can even speed up treatment time.

4. Everyone’s favourite appointment the removal of your braces

Once you and Dr Mirkovic are happy with the alignment of your teeth and bite, it’s time for the braces to be removed and retainers fitted.

We remove the braces quite easily and quickly and polish off all the remaining glue. There is no pain involved but some people may experience slight discomfort. You will then be issued with your retainers.

For more information on the different types of retainers please see Retainers.

Time to enjoy your beautiful new smile!

5. Retention

This is a vital part of your treatment. Retainers are designed to maintain and hold your teeth on the corrected position and prevent any relapse of the original orthodontic problem.

It is very important retainers are worn exactly as instructed by Dr Mirkovic.

6. Long term changes and movement

Because you have completed a course of full comprehensive orthodontic treatment this does not ensure a lifetime of perfectly straight teeth.

Once retainers are no longer being worn teeth will be as stable as can be expected. Minor changes after that time are due to natural maturing and the ageing process.

Eating with braces:

The main thing when it comes to eating with braces is avoiding very hard foods, and sticky foods. For example toffees, muesli bars, ice, nuts, Minties, Fantails, lollipops etc. These foods can break brackets or appliances and distort wires, which not only can affect the way your teeth move but also prolong your treatment.

You also need to be careful with things like apples and carrots, cutting them up into bite size pieces, as a matter of fact all your food should be cut up it will make it a lot easier for you.

Sugary foods must also be kept to a minimum, as we want to avoid any tooth decay during treatment.

Breakages WILL prolong your treatment, the less you break the faster your treatment time is; MEANING you can have your braces off sooner.

Cleaning with braces:

Remember 3! 3 times a day, 3 different angles for 3 minutes it’s that easy.

Instead of your teeth being one flat surface with braces your brushing needs to be split up into 3 techniques, above the bracket below the brackets and directly across the brackets. This makes sure you clean around the entire bracket under the wire and tooth surface. When you get your braces on with Dr Mirkovic, we will provide you with a cleaning kit along with instructions and demonstrations to care for your braces, teeth and gums during treatment.

Dr Mirkovic highly recommends you continue your regular dental check-up and clean appointments with your general dentist throughout treatment.

Sports with braces

If you participate in a sport that requires a mouthguard be sure to mention this at your consultation so we can instruct you on the best option and ensure it is all organised ready for your “Band-up”.

See the before and after of having braces

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